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How to refer yourself

Connect Psychology is part of Bristol Wellbeing Therapies Service and South Gloucestershire Talking Therapies (previously known as LIFT Psychology). These services works to provide a range of talking therapies that are proven to help people experiencing common mental health difficulties like depression and anxiety.

Please note that Connect Psychology takes referrals directly from Bristol Wellbeing Therapies Service and South Gloucestershire Talking Therapies..

If you would like to have a discussion about your needs and the support available to you, please call:

  • Bristol Wellbeing Therapies Service: 0117 982 3209
  • South Gloucestershire Talking Therapies: 0117 378 4270


"I have been happy with the course and feel it has offered me other ways of dealing with my anxiety. I think having the booklets to look back through will be really helpful in the future when it comes to coming off medication"

"My Step 2 CBT has been really helpful. I have used some of the techniques before but it was really useful to reinforce and concentrate on these again. The problem solving componenets were most helpful as they have made me realise I am not so trapped and do have choices. My therapist has been fantastic. I quickly built a rapport and trust so we were able to get on with the work well"

"Konstantina's compassion was very touching and she made me realise how strong I am. I could not have hoped for more"

"This course has been beneficial to me. I can relate to many of the topics and I feel better equipped to cope in the future. I do have a better understanding of my feelings"

"I felt very comfortable and very listened to in the environment. My therapist was honest and was very aware of my problem. She was caring in her approach. Very satisfying sessions"

"I found our sessions very helpful and it has taught me to look at things a bit differently. I am now going to try and be more positive"

"I feel that I have really benefited form the service and feel more equipped to deal with my difficulties"

"Having these sessions has helped me become a stronger person. I came with no goals in life but have left with so many. The care I have had has helped me get my life under control and helped me become the person I used to be. Konstantina understood me and helped me so much I cannot thank her enough"